Interviewed at The Pakistan Spectators

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recently I was interviewed by The Pakistan Spectators (TPS) – few moments of my fame.

I don’t know how it went as it was my first interview but I hope it will give you little bit more inside of me as to how I see things around me.

Take a look at it here and don’t forget to leave your valuable comments. :) 


3 Responses to “Interviewed at The Pakistan Spectators”

  1. sherryx Says:

    Thanks Mudassar for your appreciation.


  2. CHUP! Editor - Kalsoom Says:

    Thanks for mentioning my blog in the interview!! Love your blog btw!

  3. mazhar ali Says:

    our nation is not thinking about those who r still suffering due to sense of duty ,sincerity,patroitism and humanity ….as a nation we have to support them from all angles but need of the day is to schrotinise them from our society.
    in the results of facilities they will open the precious implementable thaugts for our development……….the deprived class of our society is actual essence of our nation.

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