People who change their Shaheed.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time has changed in Pakistan; yesterday victims of suicide bombing were mentioned as “Jaan-ba-Haq” but today Pakistani media call them “Shaheed”.

Yesterday, a Pakistani soldier who died while fighting with Talibans was a “dead” to Pakistani media but today they mention him as “Shaheed”.

Yesterday, for Pakistani media and for so called leaders, Army was killing its own people in FATA but today they stand behind Army and praise its actions.

In 2003, same army launched a similar military operation in same Waziristan’s same capital city – Wana – against same Talibans to fight the same War on Terrorism, but then those who were killed (i.e. Talibans) by Pakistan Army were “Shaheed” for many. And our soldiers who lost their lives they were just “were killed” for us.

It’s funny to see that same so called political leaders and so called “vibrant” media is supporting Pakistani Army today who opposed similar military actions in past.

Who are these people who change “Shaheeds” with the time?  Would they ever admit if they were wrong yesterday or they are wrong today?

I wonder if we had saved any lives, if we have had prevented any suicide bomber, if we have had not seen any incidents like GHQ if – AND ONLY IF – all these people had supported “Wana operation” in 2003 and made it a success.

2 Responses to “People who change their Shaheed.”

  1. America is in deep…

    A Call to Win…
    October 17, 2009 by Philip Edwards

    The 1970’s along with President Jimmy Carter’s embargo against Russia, because of their invasion of Afghanistan and America’s eternal war against the spread of Communism and Socialism, helped to create the Taliban army of Satan as it received the support of our prosperous War Economy. Russia bad, Taliban; freedom fighters? Our Industry of War built Satan’s army. Today, Russia bad is George W.’s friend Putin and our kissing cousins?

    Today’s the Taliban are evil’s stink, a one-eyed monster called Mullah Muhammed Omar. History’s art places his kind crawling across canvas and chapel ceilings. Taliban’s Armies are Women Killers, Gollum warrior’s, killers of peaceful humanity in their Religion of Evil.

    The United States began its correction of Taliban’s stench on the night of October 7th, 2001 with bombs of deodorant well placed north of Kabal.

    Now, eight years later October 17th 2009, instead of destroying what is evil, the Taliban Army is stronger and its attacks more deadly. Poppies buy many weapons. Afganistan armies are the products of War Lords rich by American dollars and not to be trusted.

    Stop fighting a government. Stop our fear of Communism and the Socialism that may save our own Country…We have to fight a war of Religion. This is not against a force of Muslims. The Talibans are the army of our own Devil. Destroy this evil to the last creature standing. These are not men. These are crawling and ugly cowards. They worship the blood soaked earth they have created.

    Ask our “kissing cousins” to join us in the last sweep of evil from Afganistan’s war beaten and weary folk. President Obama, do not continue to play with this war. Instead, destroy this evil. Your Nobel Prize for Peace is safe. Warfare and Satan’s armies will continue, however, the stink of this nasty Taliban creation must be eliminated.

    Take no prisoners. Show no mercy. Use the strength of the strongest army on this sweet Earth to win!

    May our God both help and forgive us…Amen…

  2. Shakeel Ahmed Says:

    Its funny how our political ‘wisdom’ and ‘independent’ media are playing with people’s emotions and twisting it to their own use and benefits. But it is not only them, the ignorance and the habbit of shying away from little pain to dig the facts out of our nation overall has a role to play in letting politians and media do what they are doing, twisting the facts to their own advantage.

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