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Pakistan’s Savior Army, Politicians, Judiciary or Nation?

Monday, June 9, 2008


Today, Pakistan is passing through a critical phase where it is facing so many challenges both inside and outside. Our politicians claim that only they can take Pakistan out of these current crises, whereas our Army claims he has solution of all issues of Pakistan. On the other hand, Judiciary is active in taking notices and trying to make us believe that it will not allow any un-constitutional business. Everyone presents himself as a “true” savior but no one cooperates with others to become a savior.

Who is our savior? Army, Politicians and Judiciary; can we trust any of those?

Our politicians remind me of Ghulam Muhammad and Iskandar Mirza who did not let our political system stabilize. In their 7 years tenure, 6 Prime ministers and 2 assemblies were dismissed. They remind me of Bhutto and Mujeeb who couldn’t come to an agreement and ultimately split the country. They remind me of Benazir and Nawaz Sharif who are known for their corruption and never let each other work for the country. Those were our politicians who first appointed Ayub Khan (COAS) as defense minister and told army that it can be part of govt. Politicians (not army) imposed first martial law in this country and also celebrated Army take over in 1958, 1977 and 1999. Those were also politician who invited army to take control in 1977, 1993, 1997 and 1999. They were also politicians who enjoyed military rule and took their fair share. When I look back in our history, I can not find any single example which gives me confidence to trust these politicians.

How about Army? Army ruled this country for 32 (out of 60) years. General Ayub, General Yahya, General Zia and General Musharaf all are dictators of army regimes. Although, every time army took over it was because of our politicians but Major General Akbar Khan (Chief of General Staff at that time) prepared first conspiracy to take-over Liaqat Ali Khan govt 1951. Once in power, all army dictators tried their best to remain in power as long as they could. None of these army generals let political system stabilize. Army is also equally responsible for losing East-Pakistan. It happened under army regime when people were brain-washed for jihad and were fueled into afghan war. It was an army dictator who introduced Kalashnikov culture to this country and we are still suffering with it. It’s happening under army govt. when our army forces are fighting against its own people. (It’s another debate as to why this is happening).

Can our judiciary be our savior? Judiciary who provided legitimacy to actions of Ghulam Muhammad, Zia-u-Haq, Ishaq Khan, Farooq Laghari for dismissing assemblies? Judiciary who introduced “doctrine of necessity” when Iskandar Mirza and Zia imposed Martial Law; when Ayub Khan and Musharaf took control of this country? Judiciary whose judges turned against their own Chief Justice? Judiciary who allowed every single dictator to amend constitution? Judiciary who is exploiting this nation in name of Justice and playing in hands of opposition (although many wouldn’t agree with this)? If this Judiciary would have given historic decision in 1954 when Ghulam Muhammad’s action of dismissing assemblies was challenged in court or would have not allowed Ayub Khan by introducing “doctrine or necessity” we might have had a different Pakistan.

I see none of these as a “savior” of today’s Pakistan. I think only a “Nation” can save this country. Nation, not “Awaam” and currently we are not a Nation. We are “awaam”, common people, divided into many groups. We are divided into sects, casts, parties, languages, classes etc. Speaking different languages and supporting different parties doesn’t make us “awaam”. It also doesn’t make us “awaam” if different people come from different backgrounds. It makes us “awaam” when these groups do not unite for National Issues, when we prefer supporting our individual groups and put our country behind. When we think all groups are illegal, criminal, unethical and dishonest except us. Today, we are considered more loyal to our party if we are more cruel, violent and critical to other party. The more we criticize other group more we get popular in our own group. Today, our leaders want us divided so that they can rule. Every politician in our country has only one line agenda; to become part of government and suck this country.

Jinnah was a great leader who united this “awaam” into a Nation and was able to get this country for us. Today, we need to get united again as Nation and this time we will have to do by ourselves. We need to get united for Pakistan and not for Musharaf, Benazir, Nawaz Shareef or any other. We need to change our behavior from violent to tolerant so that we can listen to opinions different to what we believe. We need to learn how to sit together when it comes to our country. Reacting violently to everything and bringing people to streets will make things only worst.

We have a beautiful country but need a Nation for it.

Leaders of Hatred

Monday, June 9, 2008


Today, when there is so much hatred for Musharaf, I am thinking as to who we will choose his alternate. It fears me that we will make another wrong decision by choosing someone who is not capable of leading us as a nation. I worry that we once again will choose our new leader due to our hatred for rulers.

In 1958, we (and our politicians) welcomed Gen. Ayub because of our hatred for Iskandar Mirza and Ghulam Muhammad. In 1970, our extreme hate for Gen. Ayub (and for Gen. Yahya) made us choose another leader and this time we voted for Z.A. Bhutto (in West Pakistan) and Sheikh Mujeeb (in East Pakistan). Their huge victories were result of our huge hatred for 12 years long army rule. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Awami League were only two parties at that time who were confronting establishment (i.e. Army rulers). This time there were two leaders of hatred and both insisted to get their share. …… and we lost East Pakistan

In 1977, we (especially our politicians) again welcomed military rule when Gen. Zia took over the control. This time again, our hatred for Z. A. Bhutto was the main factor in welcoming Zia and celebrating second marshal law of our history. In 1988, we were again full of hatred for Gen Zia and were looking for another alternate. This time PPP was the only party confronting Zia’s regime. Almost all other major parties were pro-Zia at that time and formed alliance against PPP under the name Islami Jamhuri Ittehad (IJI). (Gen. Rtd. Mirza Aslam Beg, Army Chief in 1988, recently admitted of forming IJI to outclass PPP). In 1988 election, we chose Benazir Bhutto. Reason for this time was the same; hatred for Zia (and Sympathy for Bhutto).

In 1991, IJI was confronting PPP again and our hatred for Benazir (and her husband Zardari) brought us a new leader of hatred; Nawaz Sharif. Both Nawaz Sharif and Benazir were confronting each others like enemies during 90’s. We selected Nawaz Sharif because of hatred for Benazir and then selected Benazir for our hatred for Nawaz Sharif.

Then there came Pervaiz Musharaf taking over from Nawaz Sharif and throwing him out of Prime Minister House and we all were so relieved. We celebrated another army take over and another marshal law (though it was called “Emergency” this time). All opposition leaders at that time also welcomed Musharaf’s actions.

And now, in 2008, our hatred for Musharaf is on the peak but this time story is a bit different. There is not only one party or one person confronting Musharaf; there are many. This time again there is more than one candidate for Leader of Hatred.

My worry is we will again try to elect our new leaders based on our hatred for Musharaf and not based on credibility of those who are confronting Musharaf.

My worry is having more than one leaders of hatred. My worry is they will insist to get their share like they did in 1970.